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Mills Escrow About Us


Mills Escrow Company is a locally owned Texas corporation which services all areas of the Southern United States. Formed in 1996, we have continuously grown to become one of the most respected escrow companies in Texas and New Mexico and are known for providing a full range of real estate escrow services in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner.

Mills Escrow Company provides a full servicing center, responding to the various individual needs of the financial industry. We have established an outstanding reputation and high degree of trust in our ability to manage and service all types of loans. Our services include maintenance of tax and insurance escrows, inventory and commissions management, debt collections, foreclosures, evictions, and related services.

Mills Escrow has in place the necessary skills and expertise to provide sound methods, including the knowledge and latest technology, for both investors and their borrowers. Mills Escrow is committed to creating a partnership with you.

For your convenience, our office is open from 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. If you wish to make a payment at our office, please be advised that any payments received after 3:00 pm are posted for the next business day.

The staff at Mills Escrow is dedicated to providing both our established clientele and our newest clients with superior service. We strive to provide timely, detailed, and accurate information tailored to each of our clients. While all members of our staff are cross-trained and can help you with your general account needs, each employee has their own area of expertise.

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