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Mills Escrow FAQs


Contact Information

How do I contact Mills Escrow Company?

What are your business hours?

Address Changes

How may I change my mailing address?


I have fallen behind on my mortgage payments. Is there any way to save my property?

I have fallen behind on my mortgage payments and was recently notified that my property was up for foreclosure. Is there any way to save my property?


How may I obtain a Loan History?

How may I obtain copies of my loan documents?

How may I order a Verification of Mortgage?


What is interest?

What is daily interest and how is it calculated?

What is periodic interest and how is it calculated?


What is an escrow account?

Why did my escrow payments increase?

What is an Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement?

How may I establish an escrow account?


How must I provide Mills Escrow evidence of insurance coverage?

What insurance types and how much insurance coverage are required?

How should the mortgagee clause of my insurance policy read?

How do I change my insurance carrier?

What should I do when my insurance is being cancelled?

What is force placed insurance?

How may I cancel force placed insurance coverage?

How do I know if Mills Escrow has paid my insurance policy through my escrow account?

How do I know if Mills Escrow has received my insurance renewal?

How do I file an insurance claim if my property has sustained damage?

Why is my insurance claim check made payable to Mills Escrow Company and me?

Will Mills Escrow Company endorse my insurance claim check?


How are my property taxes paid?

I have been making regular monthly payments into my escrow account. Now that taxes are due, why do I have a shortage?

I do not have an escrow account. How do I pay my taxes?

Whom should I contact to dispute a property tax bill?

Am I entitled to any exemptions, such as a Homestead Exemption or an Over 65 Exemption?

What happens if my property taxes become delinquent and I do not have an escrow account?

I always pay my own property taxes. Why would Mills Escrow have paid them?

What should I do if I receive a notice informing me of the assessed value of my property?

What should I do if I receive a Tax Sale, Tax Lien, or Tax Suit Notice?

What should I do if I have been contacted by a third party finance company regarding my delinquent taxes?


What is bankruptcy?


What payment options are available?

Where do I mail payments?

How do I make a payment without a Payment Coupon?

Why did my payment amount increase?

How do I mail a payment if my loan recently transferred to Mills Escrow Company and I have not received a letter or coupons indicating my new account number?


What is my payoff amount?

When will I receive my escrow refund if my loan is paid in full?

When will I receive my Release of Lien?

What is prepayment penalty?

Why are prepayment penalties charged?

May a prepayment penalty be waived?

Is Mills Escrow Company able to refinance my loan?

Types of Mortgages

What is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)?

What is a rate index?

Who publishes the rate indexes?

How is my new interest rate calculated?

How is my new principal and interest payment amount calculated?

What are lifetime interest rate floor and ceiling caps?

What are periodic rate caps?

Will I be notified of an interest rate change?

What is a Graduated Term Mortgage (GTM)?

What is an interest only mortgage loan?

How is my interest only payment amount calculated?

What is the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)?

Whom should I notify if I am in deployed?

Whom should I notify of a change in status of my deployment, such as extension or expiration?

How will I be notified of the reduced rate and payment amounts as a result of my deployment?